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Donít Ask Just Eat
      by Harry E. Hill GM3


Now hear this! All lend an ear;
ĎTis a wretched lesson to learn I fear
All Ďbout our chow, our bread and meat;
When in doubt, donít ask, just eat.

Whatís in this cup? I bowed my head.
The cow that gave this milk was dead.
Was that a meat ball or a Beet?
When in doubt, donít ask, just eat.

Ah! Mashed potatoes; whoíd have known
Dark and limp-fresh as stone.
That black stuffs gravy-ítis a feat
To cook this crap-donít ask, just eat.

That monster crawling off my trayí
The chicken served on Sabbath day.
Come back dear rooster, have a seat;
The reason why-donít ask, just eat.

Those long thin forms on yon tin plate,
Iíd swear were used for fishing bait.
My roast lamb gave a tortured bleat,
I crammed it down-donít ask, just eat.

Beans for breakfast, drowned in catsupí
Seasick bean, the kind you wretch-up.
Course weíre not the suave elite,
So like I said-donít ask, just eat.

When day is done, I hit the hay;
I dream of steaks Iíll eat some day.
I dream of eggs without the feathers,
Cocoa healthy brown, not gray.
I dream of supper on a plate,
A chow line not secured when late;
I dream all this, but must delete it.
Itís meal time-donít ask, just eat it.

Dedicated to the Crew members of the
USS Daly DD 519

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